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game gold

2009-Apr-1 - Rappelz: Rappelz Party Guide

A month ago, I was strange to rappelz rupees. But now I know much more about it. Because I like my job and my job is about online game. I know there are many Rappelz Players, so I think maybe they are interested in the title of this article. Right, here is a Rappelz Party Guide for Rappelz Players. You should remember this next statement before you form a party.

    Alphanumeric characters can be used to create a name of this party. When you are already a member of a party, you can not create a new one. Once you have formed a party, you can not create another one or be invited to others. A party can not have more than ten members. You can create a party by using an icon at the operation window under the menu window or in the chat window. Creating a party needs not much rappelz gold. You can create a party in operation window under menu. And if you want to inviting players to a party, you can invite players by using operation window under menu window.

    Managing parties can be done by using the operation window under the menu window, and only the party leader is given the option to do this. Many game players try their best to get rappelz money. After you select a character, click1, this will send an invitation to the selected character, and when you click again, a window for typing a text message will appear. Click 2, after you target a character. This will send a kick out message to the targeted character, and when you click again, a window for typing a text message will appear. Click 3, after you target a character. This will send a handover message to the targeted character, and when you click again, a window for typing a text message will appear. Click 4 will disband the party. Some steps are alike. I think many players like cheap rappelz rupees. Because they want to up grade their game level. By clicking 5 you can set how the items are distributed within the party. When you change a setting, a message will be sent to all your party members.

     I know there are many place you can buy rupees. But I think here is the best place for many game players to buy their things. If you are interested in our site, you can view.


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2009-Apr-1 - Metin2: How to avoiding being scammed

Since I worked in this International Company, I have been familiar with the Metin2 gold. Most friends of mine asked me some things about the online games. One of them wants to play the game named Metin2, so he often asks the things about it. One day, he asked me that how to avoiding being scammed in Metin2. I am familiar with the online game. Now let me say some thing about it. Below are few tips to avoiding being scammed in Metin2. This is a important problem, just look through.

1, Q if someone at level1and a odd name approaches you and ask you a question concerning your items ignore that person.

A: Ignore this person because scammers usually use an unimportant account to sacrifice so that if they do not really loose anything if they get banned, but they will loose the Metin2 yang.

2, Q If someone strangely walks up to you and asked you to see, buy or help you up grade an item. A: If the person wants to see the stats on weapon just pm and write the stats to the person. If someone wants to purchase the weapon and you want to sell it, go someplace secret and open a shop so that the person can Buy metin2 gold without you risking getting scammed. If someone wants to trade you another item for yours make them put their item into the trade box first. And if they one to help you upgrade just ignore because there is no way someone can influence your upgrading without giving them your item and Cheap metin2 yang.

3,Q If someone asked you if you want to level up fast and all you have to do is give them your account info. A Take a screen shot of the chat and sends it to the games.

4,Q Metin a higher level player from another kingdom comes by and start hitting your metin.

A: If you know that you will not be able to kill the player and your metin is close to breaking stop attacking it and wait till it breaks then quickly take what is yours. If you attack the player and get killed urea in deep trouble the player will camp you and take all your Cheap metin2 gold.

This is what I know, and I will tell all of you when I get more. I hope this will help you.

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2009-Apr-1 - Perfect World: Tips about the game guide

Most young people are tired about the real life, so they like finding assimilability in the unreal world. Many of the players want to get more Perfect World Gold. As a game player, anytime anyplace know the tips and hints of game guide cannot be ignored, so maybe this article can teach you some sensational knowledge.

At the beginning, I knew nothing about the online game, and even I was hate one who plays the games. Because playing online-game needs much Perfect World Silver. But now I change my view on it. Playing online games also can learn something that you cannot know in the real life. Below are some tips about one of the good games.

Material hunter. There are three ways to have good equipments and weapons. And I wonder if there are more in Chinese version. One is creating them at NPC in any towns; you can kill bosses in ranking quest to get these items. The second way is creating them at Dusk furnaces in Dusk Place Town. And the third way is creating them at Golden furnaces in Dragon Town. You will receive Golden items. Some materials you can get by killing mobs, the others you can have by digging ore, root. Like earning Perfect World money, there are many ways can help you. Especially, material in the second way only can found by killing bosses in Dusk Place. And to have moulds, you must kill bosses in challenge quests or ranking quests. Now keep this in mind, the further the difference between your level and bosses is, the lower the probability you can get materials from them.

Gain EXP/GP faster. There are many ways to gain EXP, but few ways to gain GP. To gain GP, you must do quests. Here I will tell you a popular way to gain both of them faster. Of course, it needs cheap Perfect World Gold. Usually, at level x9 you will receive ranking quests. At last step of those quests, you will receive tokens. Use them to lead a party to go into a cave and kill bosses there to finish your quest. There are two notes. Mobs and bosses in caves are very strong. Imagine you are at level 19 and have to face mobs which have HP and defense of level 5x mobs and damage of level 3x-4x mobs. That is the point.

I just say something simple. If you are interested in Buy Perfect World Gold, you can come and view our site.

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2009-Apr-1 - Ragnarok: Something else about Ragnarok Online

Maybe you are strange to ro zeny, some days ago; I did not know it either. If you are not happy, you can view our site and here you can know many things about the online games. And do you have any interesting in the history? Ragnarok Online, often referred to as RO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG created by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. based on the Manawa Ragnarok by Lee Lying-in. It was first released in South Korea on 31 August 2001 for Microsoft Windows and has since been released in many other locales around the world.

It is worth while to exchange ragnarok zeny. And you can relax yourself in the online-game.

Ragnarok Online is divided into a series of maps, each of which has its own terrain and native monsters, though many monsters are native to multiple regions. Transportation between maps requires loading the new map and monsters cannot travel from one map to another.

I am interested in the new thing. I want to know iro zeny. When I read the knowledge, I find I was familiar with it. A series of other, minor nations also exists, generally modeled after an ancient society in the real world, which is modeled after ancient Japan, and Luoyang, which is modeled after ancient China. Areas from Norse mythology are also included, such as Mulheim, the land of the dead, and Valhalla, where players can become Transcendent Classes. New map content is constantly being added to game in the form of Episode updates.

There are many website for player to buy cheap zeny. Our site is one of them. We are offering cheapest ragnarok online zeny and other online gold offered free with your order. Nowhere else can you find such a dirt sale? View us and get yours. Please keep an eye on our special sale everyday. Player vs. Player in Ragnarok Online takes place on series of maps identical to the game major towns but devoid of all exits and non-player characters. Normally the PVP place is for the person who wants to know how much damage it can cause and how many defenses it can block. The game is all about the level, skills, and equipment. How to survive is the majority in PVP area. Access to these maps is restricted to players?? level 45 and above and comes in two modes: Yoyo Mode and Nightmare Mode.

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2009-Mar-25 - Pirates of the Burning Sea: The Introduction of the game

The Pirates of the Burning Sea game I rather different from the other games. Most games playability, operating skills, games of skills, almost all of the contents of the basic story of magic, but burning the difference with most other online games, have their unique design elements. Everyone wants to have a lot of Pirates of the Burning Sea Gold to be strong, but in this game you can be strong by other ways.

The Pirates of the Burning Sea is based on a century sailing the Caribbean Sea as a background type of network gaming. At that time, seafarers are being given a post-Star time. Britain, France, Spain and the Caribbean are on the pirates in this piece of fertile waters in the interpretation of the history chapter. Most players go to brush the potbs gold if history is the way people remember the past, then Pirates of the Burning Sea is the 18th century the history of the Caribbean Ocean on the real movie playback.

In the game, you can play a Navy captain, businessmen, Privateer or Pirate. War ships through the combination of a variety of tactics, different types of ships, skills, various shells, wind speed, wind direction and the skills to achieve. Players can occupy ships of other players, access to get the potbs Doubloon, materials, bombs and so on. Ship combat abnormal true, you can experience the shells flying deck, ripped whole in the blink of an eye of special effects.

Another feature of the game, balanced against the role of system is simulated exercise and balances the body structure of the principle of a system arena. This simple model similar to fighting modern fencing, the ancient martial arts and other sports, has a unique defense, regional and time attack. The potbs money you will like it I think. Learn the role through their own movement and changes in the stability of each other for attack or defense the opportunity to win. Several attacks have technology allows gamers study: hit fencing, only surgery and weapons hot.

As long as you go to play the game you will like it and I think you will try your best to buy potbs Doubloon to be strong. I think the game is very interesting and this game can bring the happiness to you. I hope this can be useful to you and you will play the game by yourself. In my heart you will love the game.

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2009-Mar-25 - LOTRO: The guide about different vocations

This guide is an introduction to different vocations. If you have never done any crafting in Lotro online and you want to know how to earn the LOTRO Gold and which vocation to pick. This guide will provide basic suggestions and tips.

There are seven different vocations to choose from, and each one has 3 trades associated with it. The seven vocations and their trades are listed below: such as armourer explorer armsman tinker and so on. Now I will explain these four vocations to you. That every one knows that whatever vocation can go to brush the Lord Of The Rings Gold in the game and you will think it is true. Yes it is true, as long as you go to play the game you will understand that why you can earn gold everywhere.

Armourers can create a variety of armour, but they specialize in heavy armour and shields. Capable miners and smelters, they can procure and prepare the metal they need. While they can craft clothes and leather armour, they will need to trade for the tanned hides required. This is an excellent choice of trade for one who relies on heavy armour and shields. If you want to do Metalsmithing, this vocation is your only choice since none of the other vocations have it. Metalsmithing also allows you to craft the various tools needed by other crafters.

An explorer can live off the land, crafting leather armour and clothing while gathering any resource they come across. Explorer is an excellent choice for anyone who wears light or medium armour, or wants to specialize in resource gathering. The only thing I would like to add to this is that, if you are a one woman crafting machine like me, and plan on having multiple crafting characters, it??s best to make your main character your Explorer, for obvious reasons. Sometimes you can go to buy LOTRO Gold by yourself and then you will fall in love with the game I think.

Armsmen are capable of crafting any weapon you might ever need, so it is an excellent choice for anyone who relies on a blade. An armsman is proficient in mining and smelting, but will need to trade for wood with which to make bows, spears, and the like. If you play the game well you can get some cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold from the game.

A Tinker greatest skill is that of jewelcraft, and a skilled Tinker can create baubles of both beauty and utility. A Tinker can harvest the precious metals and stones he needs for his work, and given the long hours this trade requires, it is good that a Tinker is a fair hand at preparing a hearty meal. I hope these can be helpful to you!   

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2009-Mar-25 - Maple: How to become a warrior in the game

I think that everyone wants to be a warrior in the game and it should be very strong, mostly they can have a lot of maple mesos in the game, so they can become strong more easily. Here is something about how to become a warrior in the game and if you are interested in it, please reading now.

For some quick exp, I suggest that you talk Olaf, the Viking in Lith Harbor. When you talk to him, choose the path of the warrior, so that once you become a warrior, you get some exp. When you get off Maple Island, you should head to perion. The trip can actually level you. If it does not, level yourself to level 10, but do not go above level 10. Besides that you can try your best to earn a lot of mesos and then you can become strong and you are a warrior.

Perion is pretty far away. The safest path in my opinion is to travel past Henesys and Ellinia and head north. You can always take the top left portal at the 3 way split, heading to Kerning, and continue to head north also. Either way, you will arrive at the most north city, Perion. When you are there, go to the highest portal and enter. If you are a warrior you can also get some cheap mesos as the rewards in the game. Talk to Dances with Balrog and if you followed my instructions as a beginner, you should be able to accept the job of being Warrior. You are now a Warrior.

However when you are a warrior you will want to be stronger in the game, so at this time you should try your best to go to upgrade in the game and you can go to kill the monsters with the maplestory mesos in the game. It is also very easy to be stronger and I think if you play the game you will know it rightly.

If you are 45 levels in the game and when you walk towards the center. Look at your mini map; you will see 3 places which you can go down to the bottom. Be careful not to drop to the 1st one, instead, drop at the center one, where you will find a stone golem, some blue Horn mushroom and green mushroom. At the center part of the base, you will see a danger sign board, press up when you reach there and you will be teleported there. Here we have enough maple story mesos, so if you want to have them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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2009-Mar-25 - Mabinogi: How to enhance your weapon

I know that most mabinogi players want to get a shiny cool weapon like other players in the game and they want to get some mabinogi gold. But they do not know how to enhance it. Actually it is very easy to enhance your weapon in the game.

Enhancing a weapon is simply upgrading it by adding extra damage, and adding a cool looking effect to it. But enhancing does not just stop there; it can also be done to armor to increase the defense they give, but they will not have any extra appearance effects. You can go to earn some cheap mabinogi to help you enhance your weapons in the game. To enhance something you should need some skills of playing the game and then you will be good in the game.

When you want to enhance your weapons in the game you can go to find a group and you join them, because if you join them you can learn a lot of things and you can get the mabinogi money and you can enhance your weapons with the money. So in a word it is very easy to enhance your weapons in the game.

The process of enhancing is simple; the outcome is randomly generated based on a probability dependent on the item level, the skills you can use, and some useful items you can also use. Drag and drop the piece of equipment into the game, you will try your best to earn a lot of mabinogi online gold in the game, I think as long as you play the game you will love it and you will also want to enhance your weapons in the game.

It is very easy to enhance your weapons and it is very interesting. In mabinogi, when your levels are enough high you can do your job change quest and you can also enhance your weapon easily. The difficulty level is actually different depending on your class, if you want to save your time and silver to get through this in the first go, then read this guide.

If you want to succeed, the equipment will be enhanced to the next level. If you are lucky you can go to buy mabinogi gold by yourself. We have a great mass of mabinogi gold in stock. If you are in urgent need of it, welcome to place orders from us, we will deliver the gold at the lowest price in an instant.

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2009-Mar-12 - Rappelz: It is just a game, we could not be serious

   I began to play the game of Rappelz together with a friend occasionally with a start of fresh and curious. I came to the colorful world of games under the lead ship of some friends. Also a lot of friends have helped me in the game. The growth of the game just like the growth of the people. And I have made more and more friends day after day. However, only one of them has been impressive.

     He did not speak a lot, he just did the task silently. I first met him was in a task, he made a team with my friend, and my friend asked me to play with them. We did not say a word with each other. From then on, we often played the game together, but we still had no words to say. When I had difficulties, he often came to help without hesitation. As a result, the times of we met has been increased. He gave me the impression that he was relatively cold and not very talkative. It seemed that I have a little attached to his help, but this was just a kind of feeling.

One day, he wanted to make a team with me and ask me where I was. I told him the name of the place, but I was waiting there for a long time, he did not com. After some time, he finally came. He said he was very tired to find me. I laugh how stupid he was for he did not know how to find someone. While I said he was stupid, but I was happy in my heart, and also a little touched. We are growing in this way.

The role continued growing, maps changed one after another, and my mood changed gradually. We fight together, along with bragging and happy together. Sometimes I did not see him; I would a little miss him. I wondered whether he has this mood or not. We still played the game together, he often used rappelz rupees to buy the equipment for me, although he did not have much rappzel gold. I also often buy rupees online. But he said to me that he could buy cheap rappelz rupees through other ways. So you often gave me rappelz money. I knew that you are very kind to me, and I felt that I have fallen in love with you. I did not know that why I loved you, this is just a game. I have played too seriously. I deleted him from the list of my friend. This is only a game; we need not be too serious. I told myself to change a different mood and to continue the simple game.

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2009-Mar-12 - Ragnarok: What is wrong with human relations?

I got back home very late last night. It might be 12 p.m. after the party. What was the worst, I did not sleep well. It seems that I have lost something like ro zeny. I tossed and turned restlessly in bed until the dawn of the morning. So now I am feeling very tired and sleepy.

What is the reason for us to drink a lot of wine, to impair our health both mentally and physically? People are the most generous and benevolent at a party. They think that it is worth spending ragnarok zeny opening a party. They will try to persuade others to drink instead of themselves, though the more we drink, the more they will pay. What an absurd and ridiculous phenomenon it is! Nowadays human relations largely rest on money. My classmate, the closest and most intimate friend of mine, asked me to have dinner in compensation for his help I asked for. The dinner cost me eight hundred iro zeny. What matters is not money itself actually. I am in doubt that friendship should be built on money. I have helped him. But I did not ask him to pay for my dinner. I only thought that we were friends, so I had the duty to try my best to help him. It would profane the term of friendship if I asked him to pay for my dinner. Whenever I think of this, I can not help feeling sad.

Is it true that we are living in a market economy and therefore everything should be evaluated by money? I do not know. I only feel that something is missing when we have to pay ragnarok online zeny for a help asked or offered. Perhaps I will be seen as na?ve and innocent by others. But this is my opinion on friendship. I have to console myself that there are still others who will not help you at all even you entreat him. I have a classmate. He is a red apple in fortune eye. He is quite a government official now. We have been very good friends. However, it is only because I was not as obedient and respectful after drinking some wine that he said bad words behind my back, sometimes even to my leaders, cheap zeny, which impaired my relation with my leaders. What have become of human relations? I just do not know and understand.

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2009-Mar-12 - LOTRO: Tell Me Why

Our motherland is developing healthily, rapidly, powerfully as you can see. In politics, we have a stronger voice; in economy, we have more LOTRO Gold, we have more Made-in-china; in culture, we have set up two hundred ten Confucius Institutes in sixty-four countries and regions until July of two thousand seven and the two numbers are increasing.

We have made more and better achievements in different fields in thirty years of reform and opening-up. Now China has become one of international stages from the ashes of wars. Of course, compared to some of the western countries, we still have a long way to go, we still have to learn from Russia, France, the United States, Japan and Lord Of The Rings Gold. We would be one of superpowers one day, and we believe we will. Japan just took more than twenty years to become economic big power from the ruins of the World War Two, which, I think, is the best example for us.

We have flying man Liu Xiang, some people say it is a miracle, but we have reason to believe that China has and will have more miracles and cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold. My fellow-men and I have great expectation for our country and we each have been trying so hard to do our own work and uniting under the five-star red flag to face all trouble. However, now I am a little bit troubled by the unfair actions of very few western media, politicians, groups and something. They take Darfur, human rights, the 14th Dalai Lama and other stuff for excuses by design to suppress China and interfere in its internal affairs. What they have been doing are unjust, unreasonable, evil, decided by their imagination not the truth. They say, like a dictator of the world, China is wrong here and wrong there, without seeing progress of China.

Recently, the host Jack Cafferty of CNN, said on April ninth, that so I think our relationship with China has certainly changed to buy LOTRO Gold. I think they are basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they have been for the last 50 years. What he said can not defame China, but just proves him the evilest thug. If I may say so, Jack Cafferty, shame on you, your bad behavior brings shame on the United States. Yet, to make matters worse, there are still more Jack Cafferty.

What we need is a bridge, not a wall. However, why do they or some of the advanced western countries suppress China? Is it because China not only is the biggest socialist country but also developing very rapidly? Is China a threat to the developments of counties in those people? Tell me why, please! I am pretty looking forward to your reply.

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2009-Mar-12 - Pirates of the Burning Sea: My story about the game

I have been crazy playing the game, I have been crazy fighting with others, and I have been crazy in the love in the game. I do not know the time I began to play the game. I just remember that I spent all my days playing the game and spent all my money on Pirates of the Burning Sea Gold. The time flies when I was playing the game, I have wasted a lot of things, like time, family love, and friendship in the reality. Even though, I still feel happy when I played the game.

The first reason for playing the game happily is that I could make a lot of friends on the internet, although we have met each other before, I feel very exciting when I met them. In the game, we teamed up to play the game, we felt tacit and happy through the game. Then, I could get a lot of experience and potbs Doubloon from the game.

The second reason is that the world of the game is so perfect; you could not find this kind of world in the reality. Although it is a virtual world, but I could feel the beauty and the goodliness when I play the game. Also it is a world which has potbs money, love and time, but when you first to touch it, you will be addicted into it. It is the same with the reality, but it is more perfect then the reality.

The third reason is that I still could get true love in the game, but when you in the reality, you are also not sure to get the true love. When I play the game, I met a girl, who is lovely and good-tempered. She would like to play the game with me all the day. When she run out of the potbs gold, she would like to ask me to buy for her. I do not know the time when I fell in love with her, I just know that I want to protect her all the time. And most of the time, she is rely on me. She often said that if I would not play the game, she will also not play. So I asked her to be my wife in the game, she agreed. Then we began to meet out of the game. After that the relationship between us is becoming better. I have ever said that I would like to love her all the time and I would buy potbs Doubloon for her all the time.

So I would like to say that I have got more happiness than living in the reality.

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2009-Mar-2 - Pirates of the Burning Sea: First to play the game

We have had the beginning of the same are all living in the same piece of sky, are all efforts in order to find happiness, and only select the path of a difference in terminology. Blink of an eye after four years with my companions were riding the boat has been four years now. This four years we have experienced countless case, I do not know stopped the number of pirate ships, I do not know how many experienced a typhoon, and I only go to earn the Pirates of the Burning Sea Gold to play the game well.

Spend at a long exciting and tough life at sea, after my life is getting more and more reluctant attitude, reputation and money has been important for me, and always fighting days are also tired of me, regardless of the side companions carefully concerned about me, but I always feel lonely, I began to yearn for most people, however normal life again. I can try to leave the village and becomes the pirates of the sea because I was with the ordinary people have different feelings. And I can get potbs gold from the game. If I was listening to his father words, and now perhaps to the author lived as a very ordinary life, but I did not, even more ridiculous is that now I yearn for that kind of life.

That night, my point of view of a person was standing on the deck of this distant starry daze. Feel that their life is very simple. I met the potbs Doubloon in the game. Pirates doomed to become other people contempt for the object, even though they never get brigade boats and merchant ships, the pirates only steal other ships, even though they have the same human face, the eyes of the people at the pirates are the pirates forever, and his appearance will always be ugly of. I feel alive; I like him because he gave me the potbs money often. I beg your pardon someone else is always so alive and then have a high reputation to play the game.

At this time I think of his companions have stood behind me, they also have no time to use innocent eyes looked at me, said to me: no matter what you do we, as long as we happy enough not to think of those boring things, we go to buy potbs Doubloon not go to play the game alone. Finally I do not deny my mind later, the pirates may be I can not live normal lives, at least not now, because here I have the most darling partners, as well as I have been longing for the sea, because here I can to find my happiness.

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2009-Mar-2 - LOTRO: Life skills

Recently I often see someone in the group to ask the question of life skills, where my best to give the game to tell us about the life skills learning and practice questions. Life skills to mentor apprentices can go to learn, a total of two armor divisions, explorers, weapons division, farmers, carpenters, historians, tinker seven, each person can only be a study, including three kinds of skills. I also go to learn how to earn the LOTRO Gold and how to play the game well. I want to know the life skills to play the game well to be strong.

Armor division, who is also blacksmith, mining engineering, tailor the three vocational skills, blacksmith can make a film, locks like a chain link material, you can make a shield, and you can make a weight. Mining works as its name implies is that we can adopt a variety of mineral deposits on the map, you can take to put the minerals into materials needed, it should be for each race career have deposits of this passive tracking skills, I can get the Lord Of The Rings Gold from the game and if my life skills are good I can play the game well. I was on the line on the open, with the mining.  

Can tailor the processing require doing the best skins materials; you can make a medium and light. Normal weapons can be learned weapons manufacturing division, mining workers and carpenters. I like to buy LOTRO Gold sometimes in the game. Weapons manufacturing division can be processed into a variety of mineral materials, as well as swords, daggers, axes and throwing axes, carpenters can make bow and stick, hammers, except bow arms must be used outside the mine. Attention is required and should not fell this career, so have the mountains to find the best people skills of long-term cooperation.

As long as my life skills of playing the game are well I can get some cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold and then I can go to kill the monsters by myself and more easily. I like to play the game very much because as long as I play the game I am very happy. I want to be strong so I only depend on myself and then I can also ask for help from my friends.

So the life skills of playing the game are very important and every player should learn it. The life skills are very good to every one who plays the game too.

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2009-Mar-2 - Maple: There is a happy called forget

Legends have a soup, drink to forget after all. Forget all the worries, forget all the hate, forget all the unpleasant memories and want to forget things, of course, that also includes forgotten feelings and love. Forget the gloom, it is not sad, you can stretch the brow, worried face. On weekdays all the unfair, all are not happy with the forgotten and gone, people will become uncertain, and it seems that the dark clouds hide the day, suddenly blue up. When you want to forget you should not forget the maple mesos, it is very interesting and you will love it I think.

However not every one can forget something forever, and I am on of these. I play the game only to forget some things that I do not want to remember it again. But I find that I can not do this, so I will always go to brush the mesos to cover my feelings. And I find it plays an important role in my life.

When you play the game you will want to play it forever, because in the game you can do what you want and you can get some cheap mesos as the rewards from the game when your levels are enough high or you skills of playing the game are very good. You can become strong when you have them and you can not be afraid of the enemy in the game.

Institute forgetting, it is learned how to forgive ourselves, to save themselves. Now that love has no regrets, it has separated from the total helplessness. When people from the naive to think that they have seen through the red, seen through this society, it is psychological process. In fact, in writing, the reason says too much, too little to understand the real. And I want to have more and more maplestory mesos in the game, I like to play the game and I can do well in the game. When I want to forget something I think it is also very happy.

So I only want to say I am very happy even though I want to forget something, but as long as I play the game I can earn a lot of maple story mesos, so I am happy. If I have enough them I can go to kill the monsters more easily and I can be strong. So at last I only want to say that there is a happy called forget, we should learn to forget something.

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2009-Mar-2 - Mabinogi: Fall in love with angelic of you

This is the first exclusive listening angel, my heart come to a familiar feeling, as if you are that angel, this warm song infection is also the warm heart and a bit shallow depression. Carefully read these lyrics, as if that is what you. I do not know how, I have been likened to put your angel, despite the angel at most of the time girls are described. And in the game you have a lot of mabinogi gold as the angel you are very beautiful. I envy you very much and I want to be angel too, but I can not.

Impression that it was sunny winter afternoon I met you and that cute angelic good looks cute. Although this game everyone is so cartoon, but I only think you are so warm. Has always been my all when you are an angel, and I was a small devil angel. Sometimes you will give me some cheap mabinogi and you say if I have enough them I will become strong. As well known, angel has a slender appearance and kind of a fragile heart. Although I do not know whether or not you look fine, I feel your heart very fragile and should not injured. So I often go to earn the mabinogi money to equipment me and to kill the monsters easily. You always told me that you had the mental capacity of a strong, banned from setbacks and failures, but I do not think so. The more that he sustained psychological person should not become frustrated, once experienced major setbacks even more terrible consequences.

Give me a feeling in my heart you are a boy with a hint of melancholy, no matter how you look is the sun in summer. Because I want to think of the many questions, analysis of complex things more or less some people are sad, it may be this is a fallacy. However, my dear, I willing to let you know how injured, how you injured can and how to buy mabinogi gold in the game, the hearts have you give me the strength to see beyond the front road, and I would also like to accompany you at the end of this road under. I can not say the place you want to go is my direction, but I firmly believe in your company, we will be able to find belong to our common direction. I like to meet you in the mabinogi online gold, I feel I am happy.

Fall in love with you so angelic boys, probation this devil my heart, since then, I am willing to do to protect your fragile exclusive devil you!

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2009-Feb-19 - Kal: Unforgettable game love

I have played the game for a long time; the kal game is very interesting and I love the game very much. I never thought that such a game would have indulged, so no less than illness raised. The game is very beautiful, but I was the happiest that I have known you in the game. In this game, equipment syrup, kal geons are all needed a lot.

However I never did not know you are a girl or a boy, the day to see you just feel that cute you are, I think that you must be a boy. At last, you are a girl. One day I am a person in the waterfall in a daze when suddenly thought of you, I have a lot of kal gold, and I can not use out of them, so I want to give you some. Then I call you and you ask me where I am. I say I am in the waterfall. You say that you will come right now.

A few minutes later you come, and you are very happy. Do you know the day I did not happy and I was in bad mood. When you sit down beside me, we chatted a few minutes, you said that we can use some kal online gold to buy some props. All of a sudden, I feel happy. I know I am wrong. In this way we know, we understand, in the future, I like to stay with you. Master is a relatively weak job, but I have no other time.

You say that you are sister and I am elder sister, but I am always in your protection. And I have never done her from the duties, so I want to say sorry to you. But I want to say if you want to know more about the kal, I will tell you. If you want to change your kal, you can brush the kal online geons directly to change a better one. So you can be stronger.

In fact, I am a better person; I have been in the protection of others, now feeling was to protect the good taste of warm. No matter what time I want my sister happy, I can play with you together to share your happiness and I will happy too. If you not happy, you can go to earn the kalonline Geons to buy some props to change yourself and you can release yourself in playing the game. So I like the game very much and it is my unforgettable game love in my whole life.

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2009-Feb-19 - ROSE: I am very happy

I am very happy today because I know a new friend in the game and now we become good friends. We play the game together and go to unite to kill the monsters in the game. I know that if you want to play the game well you should have enough Rose zuly and then you can be strong, so other players will not go to fight you. I did not know how to earn them before but since I know him I know because he teaches me how to earn them.

I like to play the game and I prefer to play the game with him, when I play the game with him I can do not be afraid the monsters, because he will protect me from attacking. Only if I can go to earn the rose zulie, he will help me and he says to me that I have done a good job in the game. So I often go to play the game to wait for him coming. I know that playing the game is very interesting and in the game you can be released. So I think I am very happy since I have played the game and now I can play the game well.

I know that all things will be shown to all of you, but in my minds the illusion is in contrast to the reality of what kind of situation. I do not know, and I also do not want to know. I just know that I miss him now. If players see the rose online zuly, please tell me, I miss him very much. I believe that I will play the game often and to wait him to be on the line.

I do not know that he goes to brush the rose online zulie to give me and he wants to give me a big surprise. At the moment, my heart that has been quiet can hear your heart beat; however, people all wish to have resonance, out side the window of the moon, I face to the moon to miss him.

So I only want to say that I am very happy because of the game. I will try my best to earn the Arua ROSE zuly as possible as I can. I will help him play the game and thank him very much. I know him is my honor and I want to be his friend forever.

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2009-Feb-19 - RF: It is my mistake or misses

I really want to speak the words out of my heart; I do not know who could to find a place to feel the words come out. I know him in the game and then indulge them in the game and rarely on the game, the day the game was upset, so he went to earn a lot of the rf gold to away the upset. I can meet him every day and we will play the game together often. Forgot what a chat on the sleep we are talking about, in a chat a few times in the next days, my network of life of many months with me.

I was still in the game every day and we talked very little time and less time in the game rarely, sometimes also hung there, do not reply, he felt old, I did not return a little unhappy. Some day he will give me the rf online gold he says to me. That day I said to him, you really want to accompany me then? Then you come to games with me and I remember when he said and I told him say I will teach him.

Later he did come, at that time in the game I am over 80, forget a few of the 80. I do not have to do if I was, I did not accompany him, and I still play in the game. He slowly groped in the game and then we went to brush the rf money to buy some weapons and equipment. We both think that it is very difficult to get the experience and to upgrade in the game.

Day in day after day, the day he told me that I resigned. I was already 90; the day he told me that in the game want I to marry him want to tell my wife and he will give me a lot of rf cp as the gift. I told him that you go to 90 I will marry you. In my mind to go to 90 are certainly not so quick, I have one only 90 so many years. In the ensuing days, he began frantically escalated, sleep less than five hours, watching him day by day, or up, I feel very guilty.

After that I can get some cheap rf gold by myself in the game, I feel that as long as our levels are high enough we can play the game well and everything is ok. In a word that it is my mistake or misses.

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2009-Feb-19 - Dofus: I want to say thank you for your love

I have played the game for a long time and I still remember the time when you just know, it is your sister to introduce us known. At the time your sister says to me that you will get along well with me and let me do not worry. I was skeptical. Thinking it would be, you such a high level, how will I see in the eyes. We recognize the one-month unconsciously, you really good for me. And you give me the dofus kamas and let me unwittingly into the settlement, the networks know this is just a game, but I was unable to control my feelings.

I want to ask you that do you remember that divination room. You say that it is our local house. However long you have to go I pulled fortune-room chat, talk, every time I called to say good moving. I say kill eagles, but it should have kamas, then I play the game forever and want to get more and more.

We have a large difference of the levels, so I often go to upgrade, you cut down on cross angel, and I have to play every day, a very low level of the strange, and you want to kill monsters so you earn a lot of dofus gold to want to gain your rnergy. So the next day when you and I continue to upgrade, when you know I did not sleep a night when the general called me, but I know you are concerned about me.

However that night I was secretly upgrade did not dare to know, I am afraid you feel bad. In fact, I know I am afraid you are jealous. Really moving well, you have to do what I think. I always feel you regardless of your time and time again the capricious, and his temper. So I go to brush the cheap kamas to give you. I want to play the game well, I always play the game every day.

I just wanted to write this in mind, I would like to say it, because I think I saw you on the line when it is to stay, not leave my husband could not bear to you, really good you want to leave. I remember I can buy dofus kamas in the game. But if you leave, do not delete when you couple that I have been waiting for you, you are willing to come back that day, no matter how long it is. At last I want to say thank you for your love.

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